Are you a musician that’s looking to promote their music so more people hear it? That’s great. A lot of people are similar to you and hope to get more people to hear their music. There are many keys to promoting your music successfully. Read on for a quick overview of different ways you can promote music in 2016.

The first and most prominent way to promote music online is through social media. You’re probably already familiar with this and already do it to a certain extent. Many people spam social media by constantly posting their links and tagging people who didn’t ask for it. This is not how to do proper social media marketing.

Another way to promote your music is by paying online radio stations for premium plays. People who listen to the radio will hear the songs you promote after other songs that are similar. This really increases the chances of gaining new fans. There are many websites like this including Rdio, Radio AirPlay, etc.

Another great way to get your music in front of new ears is by distributing your music singles or albums through a music distribution service. This will get your songs into iTunes, Spotify and other major places where music fans are. It’s pretty cheap to do this too and gives you a lot of new exposure. People are looking for music on Spotify and iTunes all the time. I also think most music distribution services like TuneCore also get you into Tidal and other major streaming platforms.

The final way to promote your music that I’d like to talk about is by getting in front of the die hard music fans. Who are the die hard music fans? The ones who will go to all the different music blogs and music magazines and actively keep their ear to the streets. You will want to reach out to music bloggers who write about and review music in your genre.

Don’t spam with any of these ideas. You need to take it slow and make sure you’re not annoying any potential fans. The best thing you can do is learn how to promote your music with courses like these.